Crystals have been used for healing in various cultures and are valuable for personal and family healing.
Crystals are considered to be a gift from Mother Earth. Crystals are more affordable and accessible. The historical meaning of the word “crystal” is “coolness brought together”, symbolizing positive energy attraction.

Crystals have historically been used by kings and queens for protection. Crystals have been used for their properties in scientific instruments, medical devices, and microchips. We use crystals for protection, health and money attraction. Crystals have unique energies and must align with individual energy fields. Crystals enhance your energetic resonance and well-being, helping to expand your consciousness. Using crystals can attract opportunities and lead you on the right path. The crystals are formed under extreme pressure and have unique healing properties. Crystals absorb the higher vibrations from the earth, making them powerful healing tools. Crystal healing works best for open-minded individuals who believe in its potential.
Wearing crystals can change your body’s vibration and bring positive changes. Crystals need to be cleansed and charged with the intention to work effectively. The difference between gems and semi-precious stones is primarily commercial pricing. The energy levels are the same. Crystals can be easily carried in a pocket or as jewellery, providing faster healing than gemstones.

Note:- Crystals should be worn after consulting an astrologer.