Welcome to the world of Vastu and Astrology

Vastu and astrology are ancient Indian sciences that aim to harmonize living spaces and life events with cosmic energies for well-being and prosperity.

Your personal Vastu Consultant and Astrologer

The one who guides you regarding your problems


Astrology, Vastu and Numerology are like signposts us to reality.

Vastu consultation

“During a vastu consultation, an expert assesses your home’s layout and suggests adjustments to enhance positive energy flow.”

Astrology consultation

Astrology consultations provide insights based on the alignment of stars and planets, helping you understand your personality, relationships, and future.

Numerology consultation

“A numerology consultation involves examining your name and birthdate to uncover patterns and meanings that can guide you towards success.”


“Palmistry, or chiromancy, interprets the lines and features of the hands to gain insights into a person’s character, life path, and future. By analyzing the hand’s lines, mounts, and fingers, palmists offer guidance and predictions.”

Vedic Switchwords

“Vedic switch words harness the power of ancient mantras, allowing us to solve our problems easily by chanting them. These words tap into the vibrational energy of Vedic traditions, helping to bring balance, harmony, and positive outcomes in our lives.”


Animal Totem

“In animal totem practices, we invoke the spirit of a specific animal to guide us. Animals are considered pure and close to the divine, so by invoking their spirits, we seek their wisdom and strength to solve our problems.”


  1. Healing Bottles
  2. Yantras
  3. Zodiac Bracelets
  4. Chakra Bracelets
  5. Crystal Bracelets
  6. Single Crystal Bracelets
  7. Fancy Shape Crystal Bracelets
  8. Double Layer Bracelets
  9. Energy Key Rings
  10. Evil Eye Pendant
  11. Multi Purpose Hanging
  12. Uncut Chips Bracelets
  13. Crystal Tree
  14. Crystal Zibu Symbols
  15. Crystal Jaap Mala
  16. Crystal Angel

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